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Sep 09, 2007#1


Welcome to My Keys International forum.

Read the rules before you post so that you may enjoy the forum better.

- Respect every user; insults are not allowed. If any user insults another user, the offender will be warned, and the third offense will result in being banned. Remember that you have to treat other people as you want them to treat you.

- Don't write using all capital letters. If you write in that way, you will make it appear that you're angry and it will disturb the forum image.

- Use good grammar and avoid using abbreviations, we have to understand you.

- Don't make a double post if it is unnecessary; simply edit the post.

- Don't post SPAM; it is only allowed in the correct section.

- Avatars must be 150x150px or below, and sigs must be 500x200

- All discussions on Angela Aki and private life are allowed but WITH LIMITS! Eg : When we're discussing about her husband. NO INSULTS and bad comments! We're Angie lovers not haters! And we support her. :)

NEW RULE (July):
-Don't make offtopic. Usually you can see in a post a lot of messages that don't talk about the subject of the topic. You have a whole offtopic section for that kind of messages. Post it in the right section.

If you have any doubts, post it in the forum or send a PM to any Admin.

Thanks! :)

- My Keys International Staff

No matter how I turn back and call you there is no answer.
The moon dissolves into a distant sea of fog,
As does my mother, as does my father,as do my friends, as do you