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What need MKI to be a better place?
#A chat room.

#A new layout.

#Make together more videos and upload them to youtube.

#More languages subforums.

#It's ok now.

#I'm here only to download things, so doesn't matter.

#I have another idea to make this better! (please post it)

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 The Angela Aki Years
Posted by Laserdisc Dream - 12-29-13 03:21 - 0 comments
My own comments about Angela Aki
I am very sad to hear Angela Aki well be done her music career next year
I thought I was being looking forward to her albums in the futures itís seen not happening.
She moving back to the USA study in more
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 Our last project for Angie
Posted by illeot - 12-9-13 15:11 - 1 comments
We're going to carry out one last project to support Angie, so she'll get all of our love now that she's starting a new stage in her life. We'll make a new videoletter, like the one we sent to her a few years ago. That's why, bef more
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Posted by illeot - 12-9-13 14:58 - 2 comments
user posted image

After the announcement of her indefinite hiatus, Angela Aki has just announced her first best album, "TAPESTRY O more
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 Angela announces indefinite hiatus next year
Posted by illeot - 12-9-13 14:56 - 1 comments
Angela Aki just announced today that she will start an indefinite hiatus on autumn 2014, stopping her activities in Japan in order to move to USA and study in a music school.

"To everyone, I have something to announce, it's a lit more
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 Yume no Owari Ai no Hajimari
Posted by Laserdisc Dream - 07-2-13 21:44 - 4 comments
user posted image

Hi everyone
I just got my package of her new Single Yume no owari ai hajmari
Right now I listen to my headphone.
Sou more
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 My Keys International 5th anniversary Contest
Posted by illeot - 06-13-13 19:22 - 1 comments
user posted image

Small File Icon My Keys International 5th anniversary Contest
Reported by illeot on 10 Ju more
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 2013 Project "Our World in Your Hands"
Posted by illeot - 06-13-13 19:20 - 0 comments
user posted image

This year we are carrying out a new project as a present for Angela Aki's birthday in September. Here more
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 New album Blue
Posted by Laserdisc Dream - 06-21-12 16:33 - 4 comments
user posted image

About 3 weeks ago I pre-order of new lately album Blue.
I'll looking really forward her soon.
read more
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 Fanbook "Fragments of Love"
Posted by AoiHaru Aki - 02-24-12 20:01 - 2 comments
user posted image

We're going to start a new project for Angela this year! We're going to make a fanbook between us, i more
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 "MY KEYS 2011"
Posted by AoiHaru Aki - 12-22-11 17:38 - 4 comments
Hi everyone!

I decided to open a new topic for reasume all news about "MY KEYS 2011 in Budokan POWER OF MUSIC ~All Request Special" & "Michinoku MY KEYS ~Special Live in Sendai Sun Plaza~"

It will be more
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